Whoa, People Still Use This...

Ok, I've stopped using LiveJournal. You're probably aware of this, as it happened months and months ago. Here are the reasons why:

1) My life is pretty boring to try and describe.

2) My ideas and deep thoughts are more appropriately placed on sites I own that I have not yet developed to put my ideas and deep thoughts on.

3) Seriously, how much do you want to hear about WoW?

4) Facebook has games!

5) It's a lot of reading here.

So, I'm sorry if I am thusly unaware of your goings-ons and happenings and dramas. If you need to update me, now is a fine time. Or email or call or... Facebook me, I guess.

If I start putting my ideas and deep thoughts somewhere, I'll let you know. Until then, you have to ask for them.

Much love.

Edit: For those of you who enjoyed my creative endeavors, I now do a podcast with the lovely relaxatorium called I'm Trying to Think. It's good and we're about to record our 20th episode.

Turning Up the Volume

I still don't have much to say.

I keep telling myself, "Hey, you need to move your 'personal blog' concept to an external site and just make it have all your crazy ideas on it."

I wouldn't think anyone would get much out of it, but ehn.

This week or next week, I might start kind of "blogging" my novel, The Incredible Dr. Pou - an idea I had a while ago. I've re-written most of it about five times now, so it's a more... robust novel. So I might release a chapter per week, although it'd be a private thing, aimed at getting some volunteers to step up, read the latest version and critique it.

I don't really place a lot of importance on my personal idea of "success" as a matter of habit. "Success" just sounds like a synonym for "ego" to me, and ego is something that will never make you happy. But making The Incredible Dr. Pou work, making it fun for people, having people enjoy it and having the story engage them and entertain them... well, anyway, it doesn't feel like an ego trip.

So, think about if you want to dedicate yourself to the crazy satirical nonsense that is Dr. Pou and if so, stay tuned for more from me.

Sorry, Livejournal...

I just realized I use Facebook to do what I used to do in Livejournal - namely, mention some imbecilic and minor aspect of my life (by making it my status) and then expounding on it (by commenting on my own status).

Sorry, Livejournal.

On the upside, it's nice to see that the rumors of your death were exaggerated.

America Decides!

Recently, I asked for your help in deciding my main for World of Warcraft's "Wrath of the Lich King." Thank you to those who weighed in.

The winner is... Utga, my orc enhancement shaman! Thanks to raid-wide totems and dual-specing as a healer, this choice has no doubt strengthened my server as a whole. Plus, ghost wolves! How awesome is that?

Also, did the talent Improved Ghost Wolf always make Ghost Wolf an instant cast? Because... instant Ghost Wolf is pretty sexy. If it was always there, no idea why I didn't take it before. In raiding, it might be dumb, but in PvP and soloing, it's sexy.

Anyway, Lhu (my blood elf retribution paladin) and Stormcrow (my tauren feral druid) are going to be my alts for now, and I'll probably level up my other characters come springtime. If the new skins for druids feral forms come soon... well, Stormcrow may end up replacing Utga.

So that's that! Dual-wielding and shootin' lightning! (Also, some clawing and judging on the side.)

Important Decision...

I try to use LiveJournal these days only for important decisions. This is one such decision.

When Wrath of the Lich King (the expansion for World of Warcraft) launches, who will be my main character? Here are the nominees:

Stormcrow (70 Tauren Druid, Feral): First off, great name. Secondly, I love druids. Stormcrow was my main for a good portion of Burning Crusade. Unfortunately, I don't really like the feral tree as it stands right now. It's divided horribly between bear, PvE cat and PvP cat. Feral gear is getting weird, such that I'm just gonna look like a tauren rogue, and that probably won't look good. Overall, Wrath's take on the feral druid is leaving me lukewarm.

Utga (70 Orc Shaman, Enhancement): It is a lot of fun to play an enhancement shaman. I really like what they've done with them in Wrath. Spirit Wolves are fun. It's very easy to play. Utga has very good gear going into Wrath (she probably has the best gear of my characters) and she's been my "Achievement Whore", collecting lots of Achievement points. She's also pretty hot! Plus, once they add dual-spec, I can also do healing, and everyone loves a healer! Utga spent a little bit of time as my main, and she has long been my favored PvP character.

Lhu (67 Blood Elf Paladin, Retribution): Wow, paladins are fun now. Blizzard really fixed them up. They are the new hotness. Even after a round of nerfs, their playstyle is fun and a lot faster than before. Lhu is only 67, but could easily hit 70 before Wrath. He won't have great gear going in, but it probably won't matter much. He can also dual-spec as a healer (or tank) after Wrath's first patch, which makes him doubly useful. Plus, plate usually looks pretty badass.

Goretooth (55 [non-existent] Orc Death Knight, Blood?): Should my Death Knight be my new main? I love Death Knights (I've playtested about 6 or 7 of them) and orcs look great in plate, but I think Death Knight will be a busy class come Wrath and people are going to need old-fashioned classes. Death Knight is lots of fun, but might be better as a "fun soloing" character rather than a "main, LFG, 10-man raid" character.

There are also some candidates "further down the ticket" as they say:

Wretched (70 Undead Warrior, Fury): Wretched is a great name, and warriors are decent fun (especially dual-wielding 2H weapons), but Fury is turning into a PvP spec and I don't really like playing classes who can't heal themselves effectively.

Bhaala (70 Blood Elf Warlock, Demonology): Demonology is kinda fun and warlock is seriously "easy mode" but I don't have as much fun with that class as others. I think I prefer classes who wield weapons because weapons are serious epeen.

Omfgar (70 Tauren Druid, Balance): It'd be interesting to dual-spec Balance/Restoration, because basically you'd only need one set of gear for both and you'd be a good at DPS, healing, soloing and PvPing. It's a nice tidy package, but this character has a stupid name and has been relegated to "third tier" for a while.

America, it's time to help me decide! In Wrath, I really want to focus on having a single main to gear and play, then later add a secondary who gets some love, and then eventually level up others mostly just to experience the playstyles of other classes. It's time for Chuck to pick a main - who should it be?

Please vote with your comments... and y'know, tell me what you think. Even if you don't play WoW, your opinion is valued!

Hey, what, Halloween?

Remember, the Chuck and Annette Halloween Party is this Saturday!

It'll officially start at about 8pm.

The theme is...

"Assemble a Costume from What's Left on the Store Shelves!"

That's right! Feel free to go to the store earlier in the day and see what's left! Boba Fett with a gorilla head? Sounds good! Power Ranger suit that's a little too tight? Awesome!

In fact, this year's contest will be based on the quality of mish-mashed discount costumes!

RSVP! If you can, bring beer or snacks. No cash donations, please!

Be there or regret it eternally!

Halloween Party!

It's time for the annual Chuck and Annette Halloween Party!

This year, it will be on Saturday, November 1st starting at about 8pm, officially.

Since this is a November Halloween party, we're doing a special theme! And the theme is...

"Assemble a Costume from What's Left on the Store Shelves!"

That's right! Feel free to go to the store earlier in the day and see what's left! Boba Fett with a gorilla head? Sounds good! Power Ranger suit that's a little too tight? Awesome!

In fact, this year's contest will be based on the quality of mish-mashed discount costumes!

Join us! RSVP if you want to - it's always good to plan for the right number of people!

Be there or regret it eternally!

Why I'm Voting Obama...

Ok, not really. There are a lot of reasons I'm voting Obama.

I started a big post as to why, but ehn. It's not necessary. All you need to know is that you have to vote and you have to vote for Barack Obama.

If you are voting for anyone who is not Barack Obama (or Joe Biden) then you need to not vote.

I think there are maybe one or two people on my friends list who might vote Republican - I'm talking to you. You are not voting for "Maverick John McCain" of the year 2000. You're just voting for his lobbyist buddies and the wasteful robber barons of the RNC.

Seriously, I don't want to live in a third world country with a warmonger military-industrial class. I know that is a really awesome setup for a dark dystopian future, but I intend to have children and I want them to y'know, have a life comparable to mine, not a dark future where there is only war... I mean, maybe if my kids were selected to be Space Marines, but otherwise no.

In short: Vote for Barack Obama or do not exercise your right to vote.

I'm tired of this shit.