Mister Gone (mistergone) wrote,
Mister Gone

Three Points!

a) Every time I think Venture Brothers couldn't possibly get better, it does. Last night's episode was freakin' fabulous.

b) I really want some sushi. Mostly, I want soy sauce, but I don't want soy sauce on just anything. I have a reception in an hour, but I doubt it'll have sushi.

c) Who out there plays Warhammer 40k? I am intrigued by customizing and painting models. I got a little taste of working with plastics and such when I did my Boba Fett armor, and I am considering picking up a few Space Marines to see how fun it is trying to customize them. I know people are into Warmachine/Hordes, and perhaps if I find painting fun I might get a few Circle Orboros, but I am more interested in customization/conversion which doesn't seem too big for Warmachine/Hordes. As always, comments from the vox populi are welcome.
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