Mister Gone (mistergone) wrote,
Mister Gone

America Decides!

Recently, I asked for your help in deciding my main for World of Warcraft's "Wrath of the Lich King." Thank you to those who weighed in.

The winner is... Utga, my orc enhancement shaman! Thanks to raid-wide totems and dual-specing as a healer, this choice has no doubt strengthened my server as a whole. Plus, ghost wolves! How awesome is that?

Also, did the talent Improved Ghost Wolf always make Ghost Wolf an instant cast? Because... instant Ghost Wolf is pretty sexy. If it was always there, no idea why I didn't take it before. In raiding, it might be dumb, but in PvP and soloing, it's sexy.

Anyway, Lhu (my blood elf retribution paladin) and Stormcrow (my tauren feral druid) are going to be my alts for now, and I'll probably level up my other characters come springtime. If the new skins for druids feral forms come soon... well, Stormcrow may end up replacing Utga.

So that's that! Dual-wielding and shootin' lightning! (Also, some clawing and judging on the side.)
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