Mister Gone (mistergone) wrote,
Mister Gone

Turning Up the Volume

I still don't have much to say.

I keep telling myself, "Hey, you need to move your 'personal blog' concept to an external site and just make it have all your crazy ideas on it."

I wouldn't think anyone would get much out of it, but ehn.

This week or next week, I might start kind of "blogging" my novel, The Incredible Dr. Pou - an idea I had a while ago. I've re-written most of it about five times now, so it's a more... robust novel. So I might release a chapter per week, although it'd be a private thing, aimed at getting some volunteers to step up, read the latest version and critique it.

I don't really place a lot of importance on my personal idea of "success" as a matter of habit. "Success" just sounds like a synonym for "ego" to me, and ego is something that will never make you happy. But making The Incredible Dr. Pou work, making it fun for people, having people enjoy it and having the story engage them and entertain them... well, anyway, it doesn't feel like an ego trip.

So, think about if you want to dedicate yourself to the crazy satirical nonsense that is Dr. Pou and if so, stay tuned for more from me.
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