Mister Gone (mistergone) wrote,
Mister Gone

Whoa, People Still Use This...

Ok, I've stopped using LiveJournal. You're probably aware of this, as it happened months and months ago. Here are the reasons why:

1) My life is pretty boring to try and describe.

2) My ideas and deep thoughts are more appropriately placed on sites I own that I have not yet developed to put my ideas and deep thoughts on.

3) Seriously, how much do you want to hear about WoW?

4) Facebook has games!

5) It's a lot of reading here.

So, I'm sorry if I am thusly unaware of your goings-ons and happenings and dramas. If you need to update me, now is a fine time. Or email or call or... Facebook me, I guess.

If I start putting my ideas and deep thoughts somewhere, I'll let you know. Until then, you have to ask for them.

Much love.

Edit: For those of you who enjoyed my creative endeavors, I now do a podcast with the lovely relaxatorium called I'm Trying to Think. It's good and we're about to record our 20th episode.
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